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Material Recovery Facility

Material Recovery Facility

Key to recycling process

Material Recovery Facilities or MRF’s are key to the recycling process. MRF’s take single stream recycling sort, and prepare the material to be sold to paper, plastic mills.

MRF’s play a key role in taking material from both commercial and residential recycling streams. Managing the immense volume of materials entering the facility, can be challenging. From grading inbound material and recording contamination, to stock management and recycling processes, to managing outbound streams makes the entire process difficult to manage. Luckily the AMCS Enterprise Management software covers the entire process.

The AMCS platform integrates with a large variety of scale houses indicators in real-time, eliminating the double entry of weigh ticket data. It supports complex pricing, customer self-billing and supply and demand matching. The AMCS platform provides data and analytics, providing maximum insights on the business.

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