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Ét system fra start-til-slut

Med ét system dækker AMCS Enterprise Management hele kæden fra affaldsindsamling og genbrug til videre forarbejdning og handel


ERP; Din virksomheds hjerte


Where to find Enterprise Management Information

Following the acquisition of P&L (link to acquisition page) in 2015, the IWS/P&L Solution website was fully integrated into our AMCS Group website.

IWS: designed for the waste & recycling industry

Integrated Waste System (IWS) is our premium product, a software system used by most of the UK’s major commercial waste management operations and public sector customers − as well as many others worldwide.

The Integrated Waste System (IWS) comprises  a suite of software modules with specialist features which, added to a core system, provides reporting  and predefined procedural routines of the particular waste operation.

The UK’s leading waste management software:

Used by private commercial and public sector  waste management organisations

  • Windows®- based interface
  • Modular – grows with your operation’s needs Specialist operations such as recycling and    brokerage
  • Maintained fully legislation and regulation compliant Inspected by UK HM Customs and Excise
  • Authorised by European Regulation Authorities
  • Landfill tax definitions, tax periods and accumulated tax calculations
  • 24/7 technical support Hotline > Full Annual Maintenance contracts available
  • On- or off-site operator training available
  • The product of choice for many large organisations around the world

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