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Ét system fra start-til-slut

Med ét system dækker AMCS Enterprise Management hele kæden fra affaldsindsamling og genbrug til videre forarbejdning og handel

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ERP; Din virksomheds hjerte

Transvision - Route and Fleetplanner

Following the acquisition of TRANSVISION in 2014, the Route Planner and Fleet Planner Solution website were fully integrated into our AMCS Group website and in

Powerful high density route optimisation, real time based automatic scheduling and live price optimisation of jobs are highlights of the AMCS Waste Planner Suite.

Overview Route and Fleet Planner (Waste Planner)

The waste industry is one of the most complex industries due to the large number of waste streams and types of collection, distribution and transport activities. The waste industry has it all; huge amounts of stops in domestic waste collection; extreme dynamics in RoRo transport; challenging service patterns within commercial waste collection; and much more.

Within each type of waste stream exists an incredible complexity which makes it difficult to maintain a lean and efficient operation and to exceed customer expectations. The result of this is often manual and hands-on, with little transparency, rigid business process and missing responsiveness towards customer demands.

AMCS Waste Planner encapsulates digital engagement, optimisation, mobility, and execution in a single solution. In other words, AMCS Waste Planner brings automated business process and agility to the hugely complex waste industry

Featured Highlights AMCS Waste Planner has 3 main solution environments :

  • AMCS Fleet Planner
  • AMCS Route Planner
  • AMCS Routing Services

AMCS Fleet Planner for cutting edge dynamic optimisation, performed incrementally and in real time. It forms the central hub for any waste business to become agile through automated processes, internet of things, customer self-service and on-demand services offerings.

AMCS Route Planner is all about gaining superior efficiency through periodic master route optimisation and optimal management of customer churn. It transforms difficulties handling complex business rules and huge data volumes into competitive advantages.

AMCS Routing Services delivers automated decision support that runs in the background supporting otherwise manual processes. Regardless of IT platform sending requests, it instantly delivers i.e. price optimisation, time slotting, and sequence optimisation from its blackbox engine.

Major Benefits

Typical benefits from AMCS Waste Planner Include:

  • 5-15% reduction in number of vehicles and/or driver shifts
  • 5-25% reduction in number of miles, driving time and CO2 emission
  • 20-50% reduction in time spent on transport planning, execution and follow up
  • Significantly increased customer service

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Groningen truck underground bins

Sustainable waste collection in liveable cities using forecasting algorithms

Free webinar for municipalities, waste management companies and waste transporters

Join us for a free webinar hosted by Martijn Schimmer as he explores the advantages of using intelligent route optimisation software for collecting your containers (above and/or underground) on 18 June 2019. Sign up now

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