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07 sep 2020

TJ Waste puts flexibility and operational excellence at the forefront of company growth plans.

The scalability and flexibility of the AMCS Cloud based Platform enables TJ Waste to accelerate business growth and expanding its services to more customers.

Limerick, September 7th - TJ Waste & Recycling, a leading independent waste management company based in the South of the UK, has announced they are migrating their current AMCS IWS system to the enterprise cloud based AMCS Platform. The decision will enable TJ Waste to increase their operational flexibility and efficiency and to offer even better service and more convenience to their existing and new customers.

TJ Waste provides a wide range of collection, disposal and recycling services, operating multiple materials recovery facilities (MRF) and a large fleet of skip, roll on/off and bulk haulage vehicles. With containers available for hire ranging from just 2 cubic yards all the way up to 35 cubic yards, TJ Waste supports a variety of projects and commercial uses. The company is currently focused on expanding their services regionally and growing the business, as well as increasing the flexibility of their operations to meet the fast-changing demands of the waste management sector. The flexibility and scalability of the AMCS Platform will provide them with a reliable and secure foundation for future-proofing their operations.

The flexibility and scalability necessary to support expansion plans

Luke Haskell, General Manager of TJ Waste & Recycling, explains, “With such a wide range of options for waste management, our growth plans will demand an extraordinarily high level of scalability and flexibility from the operational ERP system. When we decided it was time to upgrade from our current on-site ERP system, we actually compared the options available from other suppliers to be sure we chose the solution that would best fit both the evolving needs of our operations today and our expansion plans for the future. In the end, what AMCS could offer us in terms of flexibility and scalability was the deciding factor.”

TJ Waste has been using fully automated AMCS solutions such as in-cab tablets for their drivers and paperless invoicing for some time. As the company continues with plans to expand its operations into more regions, the ability to add locations and integrate services quickly and easily into an existing system will become an increasingly important factor. “And if in future the need arises for moving offices or even acquiring an MRF, having an operational platform in the cloud means that the transition can be as seamless as possible, without any interruption in service to our customers,” Haskell adds.

The operational efficiency to support customer service excellence

The waste management landscape is itself also in a state of transition and evolution. Growing attention to a circular economy and, most recently, the Corona virus pandemic have changed how waste is collected and processed. As lockdowns in the UK have meant people are working from home, a larger share of the demand for skips and other types of waste removal shifted to project-based (garden & DIY) contracts.

A key aspect of the AMCS enterprise solution, that has always been important for TJ Waste’s focus on its customers, is the online Customer portal. The advanced version of the AMCS self-service portal not only offers customers a safe and secure way to order services 24/7, it also makes extending contracts as simple as a click of a button. The portal’s extensive dashboard also provides customers with activity calendars, ticket and collection history, and more insights to help them keep track of costs, number of hires, running contracts, etc.

As how and when customers want to use skips and other methods of waste removal continues to evolve to more demand based – sometimes seemingly at a moment’s notice – the business needs to be able to accommodate these changes in a way that is efficient, convenient and accessible for the customer.

“What it comes down to,” concludes Haskell, “is that TJ Waste is a growing innovative company and we want to keep ahead of the market by using innovative technological solutions to deliver our Customers an excellent experience when doing business with us, and enable us to deliver a high quality of service at a competitive price point. The AMCS Platform certainly offers us more possibilities for growth and for serving our clients even better.”

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