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Digitization simply means being fast, being to the point, having information where it is needed and managing it optimally within the best possible processes

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It is very important to have software that offers the complete package.

Kaatsch Recycling

There are many complex processes that come together and have to be managed.

Within the Kaatsch Group there are six operational recycling companies. With a total of 200 employees, they have an annual turnover of around 160 million euros. The interesting aspect of this - and of which they are very proud at the same time: according to the latest studies, they save 1.1 million tons of CO2 per year with what they do every day. 


Ralph Wager, CEO Kaatsch Recycling says:"Looking back - I think the biggest challenge before we worked with Recy AMCS was this: We had everything in analog format. We used to have real order books. This is an original order book from my father. It stated which customer gets what price for which material on which day. There was a book for route planning, for logistics. Everything was communicated one-to-one, to customers, to suppliers and to drivers. Of course, that would be unthinkable today. Today, digitization simply means being fast, being to the point, having information where it is needed and managing it optimally within the best possible processes. And we can do that today, for the benefit of our customers."


"Recycling is not extremely complex, but nevertheless there are many complex processes that come together and have to be managed. We do not only have a procurement side and a sales side. We have a production side, too. Today we have to control logistics in our company and for this purpose it is very important to have software which we now use with AMCS Recy, which just offers the complete package. This means that the operation can be displayed in 360 degrees. It is able to give me as managing director and the responsible persons in the individual areas the security of knowing what is going on in the company at any time. Why does it work like this? How can it be done better? And that is actually what we have achieved. When I talk to people outside of our industry today, they sometimes have lots of question marks on their faces when it comes to how we can even handle that. You do not even have a unified product. Scrap always looks different. Prices fluctuate every day. And there's the question of how do you actually handle the risk. And I cannot imagine today how we wanted to handle all this, if we did not have the whole contract management, the contract administration, our position management, the risks, the monthly price adjustments - and that is actually only possible, if you can map all facets of the metal trade in one system and AMCS Recy is doing it better and better." according Wager.


Christiano  Miranda, Procurement Manager;"We use software solutions from Recy AMCS not only in the office, but also on our yard. Here, the material is assessed at goods reception using iGrading, so that we know at all times what kind of material it is, so that we can also make corresponding complaints, or the camera system, which takes photos from the front, back and top during the weighing process. This means that, on the one hand, I can prove to my customers that the truck was weighed properly. Secondly, I can also trace which material was in the truck, whether the capacity utilisation was right and whether the quality was right. These are all topics that are of great interest to us as scrap dealers and which are of great concern to us.

Recycling is the future and for that you need a good software partner. That is why we want to give you both thumbs up. Keep up the good work."

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